The Secret

The secret

Nano Technology

PECTIV’s advanced technology is the secret behind improvedfeminine menstrual hygiene.

Our sanitary pads are made with nanotechnology,which combinesmaximum absorption and comfort with a variety of added health benefits. Take a deeper dive into what makes PECTIV so advanced:

Far infrared rays

Far infrared rays stimulate increased blood flow, cell regeneration andoxygen circulation.

Bio-magnetic elements

Bio-magnetic elements neutralise and maintain the pH of your intimate area which is essential to reduce the risk of infection-causing microbes.

Negative ions

Negative ions not only eliminate odours by removing pollutants, but also have antibacterial capabilities to maintain optimum health in you intimate area.


Nanosilver is an antibacterial agent used to eliminate any microbes which can cause infection. Nanosilver is harmless to the human body and used in many everyday hygiene products such as toothpaste, shampoo and cosmetics.

Layer 1

Made of soft cotton which is gentle on even the most sensitive skin.

Layer 2

This is our green chip core containingthe nanosilver, bio-magnet, far infrared rays and negative ion elements for additional health benefits.

Layer 3

An air layer that is wrapped in soft but strong, porous paper which initially absorbs any liquid.

Layer 4

A superabsorbent polymer absorbs liquids and turns it into a gel which prevents any leakage.

Layer 5

A specially designed diversion layer that prevents leakage by lockingin all the liquid collected inside the pad. This also helps to prevent any odour.

Layer 6

Another air layer with paper for absorbing any liquid that makes it through the superabsorbent polymer.

Layer 7

Made of polyethylene which is both breathable and leak-proof. It allows for circulation to reduce humidity, keeping you dry.

Layer 8

An adhesive made of high quality food-grade gum to help keep the pad in place.